Kohana 3.x provides a simple yet powerful image manipulation module. The [Image] module provides features that allows your application to resize images, crop, rotate, flip and many more.


[Image] module ships with [Image_GD] driver which requires GD extension enabled in your PHP installation, and [Image_Imagick] driver which requires the imagick PHP extension. Additional drivers can be created by extending the [Image] class.

The [Image_GD] driver is the default. You can change this by providing an image.default_driver configuration option

  • for example:
// application/config/image.php
return array(
    'default_driver' => 'Imagick'

[!!] Older versions of Kohana allowed you to configure the driver with the Image::$default_driver static variable in the bootstrap, an extension class, or elsewhere. That variable is now deprecated and will be ignored if you set a config value.

Getting Started

Before using the image module, we must enable it first on APPPATH/bootstrap.php:

    'image' => MODPATH.'image',  // Image manipulation

Next: Using the image module.

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